John Muir Trail Trip Report

Day 2

7.0 miles

August 21, 2011

Lyell Fork Bridge to
Rush Creek

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Up at 6am.
Temps went down to 44 last night. I had trouble sleeping. It was too cold to be outside my bag, but too warm when I was inside it. I will try it as a quilt tomorrow to see if that helps. I decided to buy a Montbell SS #1 (rated to 15 degrees) for this trip since last year the temps went down to 26 and I was a bit cold in my Montbell SS #3 (rated to 30). The ratings on the Montbell bags seem realistic from my experience. I am also trying out a new pad, the Exped Synmat UL7. Comfy!!

  Looking back at Lyell Canyon
  Snow on Donohue Pass
  Top of Donohue Pass

We started hiking at 8am. Donohue Pass was harder than I remembered with the large stone steps. The view from Donohue was glorious. Views of Yosemite and Lyell Canyon to the North and Inyo Kern Wilderness to the South. There was a snow field we had to cross on the North side of the pass, but it was fairly easy and only about 200 ft across. I HATE crossing snow on passes! I had planned on camping at the top of Island Pass, but we modified the plan a bit based on how we were feeling.

Temps today topped out at 75 degrees. Refried beans, salsa and tortillas for dinner. It was a good hiking day, but I am still out of breath. Should acclimate in a day or two... Slight headache... IB kicks it...

Top of Donohue Pass
Top of Donohue Pass
Marmot on Donohue
Marmot on Donohue

We made it to Rush Creek and had a decision to make. Continue on up Island Pass, or make camp here... We were both tired and although I still had some energy left, I didn't think there were any places to make camp between Rush Creek and Island Pass. We pushed it a little too hard yesterday so we decided Rush Creek was our destination for today and to tackle Island Pass tomorrow morning. Several other hikers had the same idea and Rush Creek was a busy spot. We stopped hiking at 3pm.

Backside of Donohue Pass
Backside of Donohue Pass
  Movin along
Tarptent Moment on JMT
Day 2 camp at Rush Creek

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