High Sierra Trail Backpacking Trip

Day 2

September 5, 2012

7.3 miles

Nine Mile Creek to Hamilton Lake

2005 ft elevation ascent
1139 ft elevation descent

Day 2 Map
Day 2 route
Day 2 Elevation Profile
Day 2 elevation profile

61 low, 75 high
It was too warm last night to zip up my sleeping bag. Used it in "quilt" mode!
Up at 6:30, leisurely start including breakfast of coffee and oatmeal. Hiking by 8:00.

Buck Canyon would be a nice camp spot. There are water pools in Buck Creek large enough to rinse off in.
As I was starting up the switchbacks, just past the Buck Creek bridge, a rockslide pounded the trail in front of me. Fist sized rocks narrowly missed me. Could have been bad... Climbed up and made my way to Bearpaw Meadow. Tons of people heading to and from Bearpaw. I think Bearpaw is a popular day hike destination. Seems too far to me for a day hike. After Bearpaw, it is downhill to Lone Pine Creek, then up and down (mostly up) to Hamilton Lake. The view above Lone Pine Creek was cool.

I got to Hamilton Lakes around 1:30pm. Too early to make camp, but there was no way I had enough mojo to climb all the way to Kaweah Gap, so I stopped and setup camp. Hamilton Lakes was beautiful, but it got crowded! Every site eventually was full. There were bear lockers available if needed.
Surprisingly, the water in the lake wasn't too cold. I took a nice swim and rinsed off. It started to rain, so I rested in my tent until it stopped.
Dinner was Triscuits, Spam and cheese.

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