High Sierra Trail Backpacking Trip

Day 7

September 10, 2012

11.2 miles

Guitar Lake to Whitney Portal

2440 ft elevation ascent
5391 ft elevation descent

Day 7 Map
Day 7 route
Day 7 Elevation Profile
Day 7 elevation profile


I got up at 2:30, and was hiking by 3am.
It didn't get as cold as I was expecting, but it sure was windy. I used earplugs which helped, but it was hard to get good sleep.
I hiked by headlamp most of the way up to Whitney. It was cool. Since I had summited Whitney last year, I decided to skip it this year. Mainly because I wanted to be at Trail Crest by 8 when it closed for maintenance.

It is a LONG hike down. I made it to Whitney Portal by noon. Ate the mandatory burger and beer at the Portal!!

I hitched a ride to lone Pine. Fortnately the Dow Villa had rooms available since I was 2 days early. My sister is meeting me on 9/12 so I have 2 days to rest here in Lone Pine.
Amazing breakfast, as always, at the Alabama Cafe.

There was a MAJOR storm that hit the Sierra Nevada on 9/12. I could see snow on the top of Whitney. There were people stranded that had to be evacuated, both due to snow and water levels in rivers...
Sept is always interesting since early snows can, and do hit at this time.
Be Prepared!!

Overall, I really enjoyed hiking the High Sierra Trail. Crossing the Great Western Divide feels amazing, and this trail in general had less traffic than the JMT, except for the first and last days. Nothing close to 'solitude' if that is your goal, but still less pepole than the overused JMT.
Highly recommend!

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