High Sierra Trail Backpacking Trip

Day 4

September 7, 2012

14.9 miles

Big Arroyo to Kern Hot Springs

1788 ft elevation ascent
4132 ft elevation descent

Day 4 Map
Day 4 route
Day 4 Elevation Profile
Day 4 elevation profile


Got colder last night. 37.
Up at 6:30, hiking by 7:30.
Was a little chilled in bag. Will layer if it gets any colder.
Some ascent to 10,600 ft, then flat and down for 5 miles to Moraine Lake. Easy, fun hike.

I got to Moraine Lake at 11:15 am! The lake is beautiful. I rested and went for a swim. Still too early, so I decided to change plans and do some more miles.

Met Dave and Debra who are also heading to Whitney. Had to wait 30 minutes for the trail crew to do some blasting. Hung out and chatted with the crew. They gave me a fresh apple, yay! Steep descent down to the Kern River. Only another 1.8 miles to Kern Hot Springs, so I went for it. 15 miles today. Tired, but not exhausted.

It started to rain hard. I was soaked but managed to get my tent setup. I soaked in the hot tub (yep, hot tub!). Someone build a concrete enclosure that has a removable drain plug, so you can let it fill up with the hot water from the spring and enjoy a hot soak. Bliss... Met Dave and Debra again. They are also going to make camp here.

Stew for dinner. It finally stopped raining. Too cold and damp for anything to dry out though. Not sure how far I will hike tomorrow.

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