High Sierra Trail Backpacking Trip

Day 6

September 9, 2012

11.6 miles

Junction Meadow to Guitar Lake

4382 ft elevation ascent
750 ft elevation descent

Day 6 Map
Day 6 route
Day 6 Elevation Profile
Day 6 elevation profile


Up at 6:15, hiking by 7:15
Started the day with a 2600 ft ascent to Wallace Creek. It was a hard climb. Beautiful views of the Kern Valley as I ascended. I got to Wallace Creek at 11:00. No way I was going to make camp, so I pushed on to Crabtree Meadows.

I met Clarissa, a JMT thru hiker. She was low on food, but almost done with her hike. I gave her some food so she had enough to get her to Whitney Portal.

I got to Crabtree Meadows at 1PM, and I still felt great, so pushed on.
Decided to go to Guitar Lake. That makes me 2 days early from my planned itinerary since I always hike from Guitar Lake to Whitney Portal in 1 day.

It started raining again around 2pm. The thunder and intensity was a bit unnerving. I started meeting more hikers, all destined for Guitar Lake. I was tired by the time I hit the lake, but not exhausted, which was cool. I went for a walkabout and met Dave and Debra again. Took a brief swim in Guitar Lake, COLD! Had odds and ends for dinner since I had given my last dinner to Clarissa.

There is trail maintenance going on up at Whitney tomorrow, and they are closing the trail. They are only allowing people access at 8am, 11am and 3pm. If I am not there at 8, I will have to wait until 11 to start the descent down to Whitney Portal. I decided to get up early and get there before the trail closure.

Feels like it will get cold tonight.

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