High Sierra Trail Backpacking Trip

Day 5

September 8, 2012

8.1 miles

Kern Hot Springs to Junction Meadow

1580 ft elevation ascent
263 ft elevation descent

Day 5 Map
Day 5 route
Day 5 Elevation Profile
Day 5 elevation profile


Not as cold last night, but everything is still wet. I got up late, and tried to let everything dry out. Hot breakfast this morning. I said goodbye to Dave and Debra, and went back to the hot springs to get pictures.

Met two hikers soaking in the springs who were doing a 5 day hike. Finally started hiking at 9am. Everything was still damp, but I wanted to get started. I hit Junction Meadow at 1pm, and had a decision to make. The trail from here starts a steep climb to the JMT trail junction. I had only hiked 8 miles, but was exhausted for some reason. I just didn't feel up to doing the climb, so I made an early camp. Rinsed off in the Kern River, did some reading and let everything dry out.

It almost started to rain again, but fortunately it stopped. I met the same two hikers that I had met in the tunnel. They were doing the Colby Pass loop (which is on my Bucket List!!). Spam and cheese and Triscuits for dinner. A few moskies here, but not bad. I saw a deer for a few minutes. I did a nasty fall into the river today. No damage to me or my gear. Still, it's scary how easily I could get hurt.

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